Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Childhood Friends

He inherited the world,
I inherited myself.
What is is what was meant to be.
He who is truly free,
is me

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lights Off

Whether fate,
or luck,
Your stare enters mine.
Empty breaths crawl
to my wandering thoughts.
And just as one reaches the other,
you steal them both back again.


Each chord flows
within the still night air.
The slow sweet harmony of notes serenades
the shining stars.
Your gazing eyes reflect
bright moonlight into mine.
I lose myself within your shining stare,
waking somewhere dark,
miles away.
Reluctantly realizing that you are only a dream
to me.

Let's Leave

I was hoping to be happy by seventeen,
but God seems to have a different plan.
I live through an unending cycle
of unhappiness and boredom.
My sister seemed happy
or she suggested it with her absence.
Everyone Here knows each other,
but no one knows them self.

And Here, I lay in bed.
Consciously dreaming of Leaving this town.
To the Beach, any Beach.
Where the field lays on the Sand,
the Sand clashes with the Sea.
The Stars above,
the cresting Waves below.
We will meet somewhere
in the Middle.